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  South Refineries Company consist of the following departments:



1-AlShuaiba  refinery which include:

 a-Two distillation units with capacity of 7000 b/d each.

 b-Two hydrogenation - distillation units, capacity 29000 b/d.

 c-Two gasoline reforming units,  capacity 8000 b/d.

 d-Unit for producing liquid gaz with capacity is  200 t/d .


2-Department of Lub oil refinery :

  It was established in 1977 and accomplished in 1982. Production started in 1996   with variety of lub oils. It is considered a major source of our national economy as   it meets the needs for lub oil and derivatives, with production capacity   of (100000 ton/year) It includes: vacuum distillation unit, deasphalt unit, furfural-   treating unit, dewaxing unit, Lub oil hydrogenation  blending and filling  unit. It   produces amount of 110000 ton/year of low permeability asphalt. 

3-Thi Qar Refinery division:

  This refinery was build in 1980 with two distillation units, capacity 10000 b/d each.   It  was supplemented with third distillation unit which was operated in 1981 with   total capacity of 30,000 b/d. In 1982, Asphalt unit was established with capacity 500   ton/day. This refinery was intended to provide the qouernorate and areas  near by   with with petroleum products.


4  -Department of Maissan refinery:

  It was established in 1999 to supply Maissan governorate and areas near by with   oil products and support total production capacity with 1000 b/d amount . In the   beginning of the year 2010 it was expanded to include two additional distillation   units with capacity of 1000 b/d for each. It is now located in Bazergan area.