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1 - Created and refining unit air card ( 70,000 b / d ): -
The project includes installation of air - refining unit in order to meet the growing demand for petroleum products and the provision of foreign currency by reducing the import of oil derivatives This raises the Basra refinery production to 210 thousand barrels / day.

2 – Installing the Gasoline reforming unit ( 10,000 b / d ): -
It's one Of the high-tech projects in the oil industry with a capacity of 10,000 b / d.

we contracted with the company ( UNIS ) for the purpose of supplying itsequipments by the oil projects company , which is currently implementing the project in collaboration with the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals , housing and construction .

3- F.C.C project

It's one of the modern and sophisticated projects in Iraq. represents a quality /quantity leap in increasing the amount of oil derivatives and improves specifications such as gasoline and fuel oil ( 22 A. b / d ) to meet the needs of the country . It also supplies employment, secure, social and economic settlement. It also protects the environmentgas /oil hydrogenation capacity of 20 thousand b / d is now beingmixed with the project (FCC) as well as the state Company for the design and industrial construction is now paving the way to a achieve the job work site with a 10% rate.

4 – Construction of cooling tower capacity (12 thousand m3 / h) : -
Contracted with Jordan Al-Alees Company for supplying the materials for the project with a 85 % . Saad company is now achieving the project with a rate of 7%.

5 – Constructingtwo initialwater purificationunit ( 1000 m3 / h ): -
Company contracted for the supplying/achievingof oil projects and the implementation of the project for the purpose of meeting the needs of our raw water used in the process . 85% is the percentage of the project.

6 - Constructingof Azumerization unit in our Company : -
The Company contracted with the oil projects company forsupplying/achievingthe unit with a capacity of 11 thousand b / d for the purpose of meeting the increasing need for gasoline growing with a rate of20 %.

7 - Constructingof LPG unit of 200 tons / day : -
We contracted with ( CMEC ) , the Chinese company for the supplying us with the unit . Now the state company of designing and industrial Construction is achievingthe project with the rate of more than 10 % .

8 - Supplying/achieving waste water treatment unit (1750 m3 / h) : -
Our company plan is to protect theenvironment so it contracted with Al-alees company to supplying/ unit (1750 m3 / h ) where the percentage of achievement is 70%