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South Refineries Company was founded in 1969 through the establishment of Basra refinery, which actually began production on 1974 by establishing (Refining Unit No. 1), which is one of the major manufacturing units in the country where the production of oil derivatives using the latest scientific methods and advanced technology in production, which resemble their high quality products, including foreign and meets the requirements of consumers. And continue to modernize and expand the company and diversify their products and improving quality, it has been done by establishment of a refinery and the second unit to improve gasoline and oil refinery and the liquidator of Dhi Qar, Maysan and the liquidator is currently working on the company to obtain a certificate of quality performance (ISO).

Tasks :

 1-Refining crude oil, producing the following :
Supper gasoline, kerosene, fuel gas, diesel, naval fuel, heavy Nephtha ,LPG and jet fuel
2-Processing of base lube oil in lube oil unit, base lub oil pale 600 ,bright stock lub oil and spindle lub oil .
3-Plastic cans (capacity 1/5 litre) for lub oil filling and iron drums are made in the company.